Adachi Co., Ltd. was founded as a family-owned medical and scientific products distributor in 1931.

“Our aim is to be a company grateful for the dignity to serve and earn trust from customers and employees through the sales and service of medical devices”
For over 80 years, Adachi has been focused on this company philosophy.

Current healthcare environment is rapidly changing. Our highest priority is patient safety with advanced medical technology and addressing aggressive development of medical devices whether home or abroad.

Our positive spirit of managing change is similar to the fearless flight of a dragonfly. Dragonfly moves forward and forward at any time, never moves backward. Therefore Samurai use it as a symbol of “Victory” from the age of civil war.

Contribution to society through healthcare with dragonfly spirit of perpetual forward movement and value confidence with actual achievement has been consistent philosophy in our company for over 80 years.

Saburo Adachi